Are there really storage auctions?

Are there really storage auctions?

Storage locker auctions are typically conducted in one of two ways: live auctions or online. Online auctions have taken off in recent years, even more so since the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic kicked into full swing. In both cases, the winning bidder must promptly pick up the unit’s contents and empty out the unit.

How do you buy a repossessed storage unit?

There is no way to finance a foreclosed storage unit, so most facilities will only accept cash payments for storage unit auctions. If you have a reseller license, you won’t have to pay sales tax on your purchase.

Does Australia have storage auctions?

At Kennards Self Storage, all auctions are held online. Go to to find current Kennards Storage Auctions. We hope this helps the new online storage auction traders and good luck!

How do I auction a storage unit?

Those rules are:

  1. Bidders bid on the contents of the entire storage unit, not on an item-by-item basis.
  2. The auction of each unit is open, so there are no sealed bids.
  3. The unit is sold to the highest bidder.
  4. The winning bid must be paid in cash upon winning.

How do public storage auctions work?

During a storage unit auction, the belongings of a storage unit are auctioned off to the highest bidder to recoup the loss of rental fees. However, occasionally a storage company will accept sealed bids, whereas bids are placed through a sealed envelope and the highest bidder wins the items.

Can I have a yard sale at my storage unit?

Yes, you can. But before you venture out to an auction at a storage facility, you will want to be fully prepared to make your bidding on a storage unit a success.

Why do storage lockers go to auction?

Why do People’s Belongings get Auctioned off? Auctions become a necessity for storage facilities when a renter has either abandoned or failed to pay rent on their unit for an extended period of time. When an account is past due, facilities are forced to put a lien on the contents of the unit and sell them by auction.

Why do storage units get auctioned?

How do you attend a storage auction?

Learn Auction Etiquette Show up on time, have cash and don’t attempt to enter the storage unit that’s up for auction. The auctioneer will open the storage unit, but you will not be able to enter it or take photos. You will, however, be able to shine a flashlight into it, so feel free to bring one along.

How do abandoned storage units make money?

Making money in this business takes knowledge of how items will sell, as well as implementing smart bidding strategies.

  1. Find Storage Unit Auctions in Your Area.
  2. Explore Your Sales Avenues.
  3. Learn the Value of Common Storage-Unit Items.
  4. Rent a Truck or Van.
  5. Set a Spending Limit.
  6. Arrive Early With Cash.
  7. Sort Through Your Items.

Can I sell stuff from a storage unit?

Auctioning the Contents It’s possible to sell everything in your storage unit at once, though you may not get much money for the contents. Renters who don’t pay their bills for storage find their possessions auctioned by the owners of the self storage facility. You can hire these auctioneers to sell your unit.

Are there storage auctions open to the public?

Self storage auctions are common in the storage industry and are typically open to the general public. A storage unit auction can be a great way to locate antiques and other unique items of interest for just a fraction of their cost. Storage auctions are held only as needed, which can make it difficult to find one in advance.

Can a storage unit be auctioned to the highest bidder?

During that time the storage operator will attempt o contact the renter and advertise the auction publicly. If the renters does not pay what’s due in time, the storage owner can proceed to auction off a unit’s contents to the highest bidder.

How can storage facilities streamline the auction process?

Storage facilities can streamline their auction process by listing their inventory in one place for both live auctions and online auctions. Reduce the hassle and list with confidence knowing your unit will be viewed by a much larger bidder base than those few that might show up in person on the live auction day.

Where can I bid on a storage locker?

Storage locker auctions are typically conducted in one of two ways: live auctions or online. Online auctions have taken off in recent years, even more so since the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic kicked into full swing.

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