How do I change the lower idler pulley?

How do I change the lower idler pulley?

7 Simple Steps to Replace Your Idler Pulley

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Loosen the tension adjustment bolt with a socket wrench and remove the drive belt.
  3. Remove the retaining bolt to release the idler pulley.
  4. Compare your old idler pulley with your new pulley to check you have the correct replacement.

Can you remove the idler pulley?

Use a ratchet and a socket or a hand wrench to turn the bolt head located in the center of the idler pulley counterclockwise. Remove the bolt and then remove the pulley. To replace the idler pulley, reverse the procedure.

Is it hard to replace idler pulley?

If the idler pulley no longer functions as it should and you continue to drive, it is almost certain there will be damage to the belt. Thankfully, it is possible for DIYers to replace the idler pulley with the proper tools and guidance.

What are the symptoms of a bad idler pulley?

Visual Clues of a Worn Idler Pulley Such wear decreases tension that can cause significant belt slippage. If the pulley or bearing is noticeably damaged, cracking, breaking, seizing, or otherwise coming apart, it is an indication that it requires prompt replacement.

How do you remove a tension pulley?

Put a socket on the bolt and turn the bolt counterclockwise to break it loose. If it will not break loose because the tensioner wants to move, keep the tensioner from moving by holding it in place with a pry bar; then you will be able to loosen the bolt in the pulley.

How do you loosen a tensioner pulley?

Turn the bolt head in the center of the spring-loaded arm of the belt tensioner counterclockwise with a ratchet and socket to loosen the bolt. The tensioner will rotate freely before it comes to a stop. When the spring-loaded arm comes to a stop, continue to turn the bolt until the bolt loosens.

How long does it take to replace an idler pulley?

If you are doing the job at home, give yourself about four hours to change all the parts. You will need the following tools and parts: Replacement idler pulley.

How long does it take to change an idler pulley?

Is a tensioner pulley the same as an idler pulley?

The primary distinction between tensioners and idler pulleys is the presence of an adjustable bolt. Tensioners are positioned on the bolt through mounting. Idler pulleys are not mounted to an adjustable bolt. However, if bearings fail, tensioner and idler pulleys both require replacement.

Can you replace just the pulley on the tensioner pulley?

The tensioner pulley is on the end of a spring-loaded tensioner. More often than not, just the pulley goes bad on the tensioner, not the whole tensioner, and for most vehicles, you can purchase and replace the pulley instead of the tensioner itself.

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