How does a belt tensioner pulley work?

How does a belt tensioner pulley work?

The base holds the other parts, and the spring keeps the belt pulled tight. The pulley is what facilitates movement of the belt. The tensioner arm is found on the bottom of the tensioner, and if you press on it, it will work against the spring, delivering enough slack so that you can adjust or remove the belt.

How do you make sure pulleys align?

How to align the pulley?

  1. Remove the belt (see How to replace a belt).
  2. Loosen the driven pulley (shaft pulley), and adjust up and down to obtain level.
  3. Firmly re-tighten the pulley.
  4. Re-install and re-adjust the belt.

What is belt pulley misalignment?

Pulley misalignment can be angular, between the driving and driven pulley in either the vertical or horizontal plane, or it can be parallel, with one pulley offset from the other as the pulleys are viewed from the edge. In practice, more than one type of belt misalignment can exist at the same time.

How do you release a tensioner pulley?

To loosen an AI tensioner, such as an alternator, loosen the main mounting bolt, usually on the engine, and the locking bolt, usually on a bracket or arm. If equipped with a tensioner screw, back off the tensioner screw. Then, push the alternator toward the other pulleys, loosening the belt.

Are idler pulleys reverse thread?

If it’s just an idler pulley it’s standard. If it’s a tensioner pulley it may be reverse thread depending on the way you need to move the pulley to unload it.

How does the serpentine belt work on a car?

Most cars today have a single belt, called a serpentine belt. In the past, two or even three belts were used. The serpentine belt connects all the accessories on the engine to the main drive pulley, which is turned by the engine. As the pulley turns, the belt moves.

Can you put oil on a serpentine belt?

Oil can increase wear on serpentine belts. Most importantly, take the tensioner pulley and any idler pulleys (these are pulleys that do not drive anything, like Power Steering) and give them a spin. Listen carefully. They should spin freely and make no noise.

How do you remove a belt from a pulley?

While holding the tensioner, remove the loosened belt from one of the pulleys. Once the belt is removed from one of the pulleys, you can slowly release the tensioner arm. Be aware the arm will rotate beyond the original position and could cause a pinch point on your fingers.

Why is my serpentine belt squealing when I turn the wheel?

Squealing from power steering or air conditioning: The serpentine belt controls peripherals such as power steering and air conditioning, and these devices take a lot of torque from the belt to turn, so if you turn the wheel, or turn on the AC and hear squealing, the chances are, your belt has worn.

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