How many words does it take to say uncle in Bulgarian?

How many words does it take to say uncle in Bulgarian?

Much like the proverbial Inuit and their many words for snow, there are five different words for “uncle” in Bulgarian, four for “aunt”, three for “brother-in-law” and four for “sister-in-law”. But, let’s start with the easy ones. (Words preceded by an asterisk don’t have a known (to me) equivalent in English.)

What should I say when I visit Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is no exception, and if you visit the country for the first time, you should be tiptoeing around the following topics and phrases. ‘I read somewhere that Samuel (Samuil) was a Macedonian king…’

What does it mean to be mad at your sister in Bulgaria?

E.g. addressing your older sister without “kako” – the vocative of “kaka” – means you are either mad at her, or not a native Bulgarian This is the norm when addressing somebody older or up the family tree; not so when addressing one’s own children, nephews etc. – then their first name, possibly in the vocative (“Velian -> Veliane”) suffices.

What is the slang word for Plovdiv Bulgaria?

Maina is a slang word that is basically untranslatable and can stand for almost anything from “You don’t say!”, “Come on!” or simply enhancing what has just been said. One specific thing about it, is that it is used only by Bulgarians from the city of Plovdiv and by using it you show that you have spent too much time in Plovdiv as a foreigner.

What are the names of relatives in Bulgaria?

Дядо (dyádo) – grandfather; Баба (bába) – grandmother; Прадядо (prádyado) – great-grandfather (and any male in his generation) Прабаба (prábaba) – great-grandmother (and any female in her generation). Brothers, sisters and cousins: Брат (brat) – brother; Сестра (sestrá) – sister

What is the slang word for ” impossible ” in Bulgaria?

If you try to avoid sticking to a promise or doing what you are supposed to do by thinking of impossible excuses, the Bulgarian slang word for it will be klincha. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to skip the unwanted task, however.

Is there a discount for a Bulgarian language course?

Bulgarian complete language course: with 69% discount! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations.

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