How much are tolls to Durban?

How much are tolls to Durban?

NEW toll tariffs from 1 March 2021

PLAZA Class 1 Class 2
Tugela East Ramp Plaza R49,00 R80,00
Wilge R73,00 R126,00
De Hoek R53,00 R82,00
Total cost: (if travelling between Johannesburg and Durban and only using mainline): R272,00 R494,00

How much do Tolls cost from Johannesburg to Durban?

On our way to Durban, the toll-gates will cost R272. 00 one-way – with e-tolls coming in at R11. 49. This brings the overall toll-gate costs on a return trip to R567.

Can you calculate tolls on Google Maps?

Can Google Maps calculate tolls? No, Google Maps cannot calculate tolls. However, it can indicate where tolls are in turn-by-turn directions. Use TollGuru Toll calculator instead which is built on Google Maps but also calculates tolls for your trip by all vehicle types – across all the US states.

How much is toll fees from Durban to Richards Bay?

N2: DURBAN – PORT SHEPSTONE (South Coast Rd) Class I
Umtentweni Ramp R13,50
Oribi Main line R32,00
S ramp R14,50
N ramp R17,50

How much is the Mooi River Toll?

The Toll Plaza is located just 1km from the Mooiriver from Frere R74 near to Cedara between Warden and Villiers….Mooi River Toll Gate.

Address : Mooirivier, KZN, South Africa
Fax : +27(0)33 263 1241
Email : Click Here
Website : Click Here
Host Website : Click Here

Which is the most expensive toll gate in South Africa?

the Machado Plaza
The highest fee you’ll have to pay at a single booth in South Africa is at the Machado Plaza on the N4, which bills motorists R99 to pass through the barriers.

How much petrol will I use from Johannesburg to Durban?

32.49 litres
According to this figure, we will use 32.49 litres of petrol on our way to Durban – and roughly 65 litres for the round trip.

How much are tolls in Ohio?

Built prior to the Interstate system, the modern Ohio Turnpike is part of the three interstates: I-76, I-80, and I-90. 2-axle cars pay $12.75 E-ZPass toll, and $18.75 Non E-ZPass tag (cash, credit card) toll to travel from Eastgate to Westgate.

How do I calculate tolls?

Get a tag or a pass

  1. Roads and Maritime Services E-Toll tag and pass. Phone: 131 865. or visit
  2. Roam e-TAG and e-PASS. Phone: 13 TOLL (138 655) or visit
  3. Transurban Linkt Tag and Sydney Pass. Phone: 13 76 26. or visit
  4. E-way (tag only) Phone: 1300 555 833. or visit

How many toll gates are in Bela Bela?

N1 (Pretoria to Bela-Bela)

Plaza Name Class 1 Class 4
Wallmannsthal Ramps 6.00 20.50
Murrayhill Ramps 12.00 41.00
Hammanskraal Ramps 28.00 119.00
Carousel Mainline 60.00 204.00

How many toll gates are there from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

The toll gates between the two destinations are four, namely Huguenot, Verkeerdevlei, Vaal, and Grasmere.

How much is E toll monthly?

You can order multiple tags on your Easy Toll Tag account. The monthly account fee is $1.25 for your first tag, $1.00 for your second tag, 75c for your third tag, and 50c for all subsequent tags.

Is there a toll plaza in South Africa?

Bringing you all the information you will require on South Africa’s Toll Plazas. From fees to the location of toll plazas and vehicle classification. “Im a proud AA member. Their service is above expectations ”

Is there a toll road from Witbank to Botswana?

This also connects the N4 from Witbank at the Proefplaas Interchange with the N4 Platinum Toll Road to Botswana at the Doornpoort Interchange. Bakwena also manages 352 km of the tolled section of the N4 west of Pretoria from the N1 interchange, through Brits, Rustenberg, Groot Marico and Zeerust to Lobatse (Skilpadhek) on the Botswana border.

Where is the Bakwena toll booth in South Africa?

Bakwena also manages 352 km of the tolled section of the N4 west of Pretoria from the N1 interchange, through Brits, Rustenberg, Groot Marico and Zeerust to Lobatse (Skilpadhek) on the Botswana border. Tel: 011 519 0400. Fax: 011 519 0414.

Where does the N3 Toll at Mariannhill end?

Mariannhill Toll Plaza falls outside of the N3 Toll Concession. It is provided here for information purposes only. The N3 Toll Route starts at Cedara in KwaZulu-Natal and ends at the Heidelberg South Interchange in Gauteng.

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