How old is Allen Haff?

How old is Allen Haff?

52 years (15 October 1969)
Allen Lee Haff/Age

What is Ton Jones real name from auction hunters?

Clinton “Ton” Jones, presenter Auction Hunters.

Who is Elle from auction hunters?

Laura Soares
Auction Hunters (TV Series 2010–2015) – Laura Soares as Elle, Ellie, Self – IMDb.

Is auction hunters still going?

Auction Hunters has won its bid for another season. Spike TV announced Friday that it has renewed the reality series for a 20-episode fifth season. The series, produced by Duck Dynasty’s Gurney Productions, ranks as the male-skewing network’s longest-running nonscripted original series.

Why did Allen Lee Haff leave clean house?

Haff bought and sold his way through college in southern Michigan and, following graduation, moved south. Throughout his television career, Haff maintained his resale business and eventually left hosting to focus on resale in 2006.

What happened to Big Sis from auction hunters?

Recurring cast member Robin “Big Sis” Matte, died May 12, 2014, at the age of 37 from stage 4 ovarian cancer that moved to her lungs. She was a 12-year survivor. A memorial appeared at the end of the first episode of the 5th season.

What happened to big sis?

How old is Tom Jones Welsh singer?

81 years (7 June 1940)
Tom Jones/Age

How many seasons of auction hunters are there?

Auction Hunters/Number of seasons

Is Niecy Nash still on Clean House?

Originally hosted by Niecy Nash and later by Tempestt Bledsoe, the show brings a four-person cleanup-and-renovation crew to the homes of families to clean up clutter. In 2010, Nash announced that she would be leaving the series, though it will continue on without her. Her final episode aired on December 1, 2010.

What TV show was ton on?

Auction Hunters2010 – 2015
Clinton Jones/TV shows

What does Ton Jones do now?

Ton Jones was born and raised in the Antelope Valley area of Southern California. This interest led Ton Jones to the world of storage hunting. He has since become a widely respected storage hunter with an expertise in swords, rare coins and other forms of weaponry.

Who is the host of the Auction Hunters?

Best known as the presenter of reality television series, Auction Hunters, Clinton ‘Ton’ Jones lives an adventurous life even today. Born on August 11, 1978, in Antelope Valley area of Southern California, Clinton is a class of 1996 graduate of Quartz Hill High.

Who is Allen Haff from ” Auction Hunters “?

Allen Lee Haff Wiki Biography Allen Lee Haff was born on the 15th October 1969, in Adrian, Michigan USA, and is an antique dealer and collector, but best known to the world for appearing in the reality TV series “Auction Hunters” (2010-2015), aired on Spike. Allen’s career started in the early 1990s.

Who are the main characters in Auction Hunters?

Auction Hunters, Allen Haff and Ton Jones, travel America bidding on unclaimed storage units they think will contain the most hidden treasure – worth big cash – the better the history the hi… Read all

Is the show Auction Hunters based on a true story?

“Each year Allen Haff and Ton Jones dig through hundreds of unclaimed storage units hunting for discarded treasures. These are the stories of their most rare and valued discoveries.” The series suggest each episode is a reenactment of actual true life events.

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