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Is Renesmee Edwards niece?

Is Renesmee Edwards niece?

Renesmee (pronounced Ruh-nez-may) Carlie Cullen was born on September 11, 2006 to Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. She is also the adoptive granddaughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen and the adoptive niece of Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale, Alice Cullen and Emmett Cullen.

Is Renesmee Bella and Edward’s real daughter?

Relationships. Renesmee is the biological daughter of Bella Cullen (née Swan) and Edward Cullen, as well as biological granddaughter of Charlie Swan, Renee Dwyer, Edward Sr. and Elizabeth Masen and step-granddaughter of Phil Dwyer and great granddaughter of Marie Higgenbotham, and Geoffrey and Helen Swan.

Who married Renesmee?

Renesmee at Lucas and Krystal’s wedding. You two are so adorable. It’s like you’re already a happy married couple. Renesmee and her family set up the wedding for Lucas and Krystal the day before tomorrow.

Will Jacob grow old with Renesmee?

However, the fight is prevented in the end, and Jacob and Renesmee stay with their families. At the end of the movie, Alice and Edward share a vision of Jacob and a fully grown-up Renesmee, confirming that they will be together in the future.

Can Edward read Renesmee’s mind?

Breaking Dawn Edward reads Renesmee’s mind. However, even after her transformation, her brain is completely closed off from his telepathy. Their daughter, however, shows immunity to her blockage when she ‘communicates’ with Bella through her psychic power.

What is Renesmee’s power?

Renesmee: The half human-half vampire daughter of Bella and Edward, who can live on blood or human food, can transmit her thoughts to others by touching their skin. Her gift is the exact opposite of her parents.

Does Leah ever imprint?

While some fans believe that Leah fell in love with or imprinted on Jacob during Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer has stated this isn’t true.

How long was Bella pregnant?

Though Bella has only been pregnant for two weeks, the baby rapidly grows. Jacob rushes over to the Cullens’ house.

Does Edward drink Bella’s period blood?

Edward only stops drinking Bella’s blood because he hears her voice. In the film, Carlisle tells Edward he needs to find the will to allow himself to stop drinking Bella’s blood after he extracts venom from it. As a result, Edward starts seeing visions of his time with Bella that bring him out of a slight frenzy.

Why did Renesmee bite Bella?

Renesmee even though she was a infant she was very smart a knew that her mother “Bella” was dying, & needed Edward’s venom, she bit Bella”her mom” to snap her out of the moment of seeing her newborn ‘Renesmee ” so she could get the much needed venom from Edward, so she’d have a fighting chance of living.

Who is the father of Renesmee Cullen in Twilight?

Edward Cullen is the husband of Bella Swan and the father of Renesmee Cullen, as well as the son of Edward and Elizabeth Masen. He is also the son-in-law of Charlie Swan and Renée Dwyer and the stepson-in-law of Phil Dwyer.

How are the Swan and Dwyer families related?

The Swan and Dwyer families: Bella and Edward’s marriage makes Charlie, as well as his ex-wife Renée, in-law relatives to the Cullen family. Edward and Bella’s daughter, Renesmee, is the strongest link between the two families, because they are related by blood.

Why did Edward and Rosalie join the Cullen family?

However, Edward and Rosalie’s relationship never advanced beyond that of siblings. After getting revenge on her fiancé and his friends, Rosalie begrudgingly joined their family in order to avoid loneliness. Other than Carlisle, she was the only one who retained her surname.

Who is Edward’s sister in the Twilight Saga?

Alice, Edward’s sister, invites them both to play baseball with them. Edward takes Bella to the field, but some unexpected guests show up: James, Laurent, and Victoria who are nomadic vampires. James catches her scent and decides to hunt Bella for sport, as tracking was his obsession.

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