What are the contribution of Estrada administration in education?

What are the contribution of Estrada administration in education?

9 billion Third Elementary Education Project (TEEEP). He vowed to give his unwavering support for major education project that seeks to elevate the country’s public education system into a more competitive world-class standard. TEEP is a multi-project program for the country’s 22 poorest provinces.

What are the contribution of Joseph Estrada in science and technology?

The philippine clean air act of 1999 and the Electronic Commerce act of 2000 were the two major legislation that turned into signed through the president Joseph Estrada. – The sustainable improvement is insured in Philippine easy air act this is designed to protect the natural resources in preserve the environment.

What is the contribution of Estrada administration in labor and employment?

During Estrada’s administration,he was able to secure many jobs for many Filipinos who were jobless at the moment under the new governments drive to find jobs for the job seekers. Many were able to secure jobs in their country as well as abroad.

What is the contribution of Estrada administration in tourism?

First, it cuts tourist traffic from the Philippines’ biggest and fastest growing market – East Asia. Second, it curtails public and private investment in tourism development and promotion. Third, it makes the competition for the international tourist traffic even more intense.

Why was Pres Estrada ousted from his office?

Estrada, popularly called Erap, was ousted from office in 2001 during a popular uprising in Metro Manila after an aborted impeachment trial in which he was charged with plunder and perjury. Soon after his ouster, the same charges were filed against him at the Sandiganbayan.

What are the contribution of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?

As a legislator, Arroyo filed over 400 bills and authored or sponsored 55 laws during her tenure as senator, including the Anti-Sexual Harassment Law, the Indigenous People’s Rights Law, and the Export Development Act.

What are the major development programs in science and technology in the Philippines?

The main public research performing organisations are the seven R&D institutes: the Advanced Science and Technology Institute, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, the Forest Products Research and Development Institute, the Industrial Technology Development Institute, the Metals Industry Research and Development …

What other government programs are available for science education in the Philippines?

S Manpower Development Programs

  • S Scholarship under R.A. 7687 or S. Scholarship Act of 1994 (S Scholarship Program A)
  • DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship (Formerly Project 5801 or S Scholarship Program B)
  • Junior Level Assistance Program (JLAP)
  • BS Scholarships in Science Education.
  • S Human Resource Development Planning.

What is the contribution of Estrada administration in finance?

Estrada increased budget for basic education and planned to achieve universal Primary education by 2015. He spent more amount for early childhood education and pre-school education. He built economic reforms to support the finance department of Philippines.

What is the contribution of Arroyo administration in environment Brainly?

President Arroyo implemented policies that opened up our forests, mountains and seas to foreign and private corporations for the reckless extraction and plunder of our mineral, timber, oil and marine resources. These policies have brought so much environmental devastation.

What is tourism in Estrada administration?

Brainly User. Answer: As part of the Estrada Administration’s back-to-basics tourism program, the DOT launched a drive for clean restrooms in gasoline stations, bus stations, stores, restaurants and municipal buildings. The Tourist Assistance Centers are being estrablished by the DOT to offer a range of services.

When did Gloria Macapagal assumed her presidency?

The presidency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, also known as the Arroyo administration, spanned nine years from January 20, 2001, to June 30, 2010.

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