What colors do bearded irises come in?

What colors do bearded irises come in?

Flowers come in many colors including blue, pink, purple, reddish, white, yellow, and bi-colors. Most bearded iris flower in the spring (April to June depending on cultivar), but some of the new cultivars re-flower in the summer and fall.

What is the difference between flag iris and bearded iris?

All irises (named the latin for ‘rainbow’ because they come in so many colours) have six petals. Flag irises are types of non-bearded irises. Most common in gardens are the German bearded Irises (Iris germaninca). They have a fuzzy ‘beard’ on top of each of the falls.

Are all irises bearded?

Virtually all bearded irises sold are cultivars of Iris germanica; the pure species is rarely grown. You can grow bearded irises exclusively and still achieve a garden with any color scheme you desire, and, if you add some reblooming irises, you’ll enjoy a color show all season.

What are the largest irises?

Japanese iris has the largest bloom of any iris and thrives in wet soil.

How many varieties of bearded iris are there?

The American Iris Society recognizes eight different groups of the bearded iris: Tall, Miniature Dwarf, Standard Dwarf, Intermediate, Miniature Tall, Border, and Aril or Arilbreds.

Is there a blue iris?

Blue iris (or blue flag) blooms exuberantly in early June, the flowers lasting sometimes throughout the month.

Are bearded iris invasive?

The plant isn’t classified as invasive in all parts of North America, however. 19. Yellow flag colonies may consist of hundreds of plants. The irises can crowd out the native plants needed by birds and wildlife.

What do bearded irises look like?

The most familiar irises are the tall bearded irises (Iris germanica) that reach 2 to 3 feet in height. These distinctive, six-petaled flowers have three outer hanging petals (called “falls”) and three inner upright petals (called “standards”). Irises may be bearded or crested (aka “beardless”).

Do bearded irises naturalize?

Over the years, these bulbs will naturalize into nice clumps of bloom; just be sure to plant them in a well-drained location. Bearded irises (Iris germanica and hybrids): Bearded irises, also known as German irises, have a fleshy root that’s called a rhizome, which grows right at the soil surface.

How many years will irises bloom?

After two to four years, the irises become crowded from new growth and can stop blooming. Dig up the clumps and divide them.

How many iris bulbs can you plant together?

Plant rhizomes singly or in groups of three, 1 to 2 feet apart, depending on the size. Dig a shallow hole 10 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep.

How many iris can you plant together?

When do bearded irises rebloom in the garden?

Acclaimed for their glamorous flowers gracing the garden in spring or early summer, some bearded iris varieties rebloom again in late summer or fall, offering us the pleasure of, once more, enjoying more of their colorful ruffles and mind-blowing flowers. As an added bonus, many reblooming irises bear sweetly fragrant flowers.

How tall does a white beard bearded iris get?

Its white falls exhibit blue-violet lines radiating from their white beard and plicata edges. 34 inches tall (85 cm)

Is the reblooming bearded iris a pagan dance?

Reblooming Iris ‘Pagan Dance’ is truly mesmerizing with its fabulous display of large, rich deep violet, ruffled falls delicately adorned with velvety black spots contrasting with their golden-orange beards and lavender standards.

What kind of iris is reblooming autumn Circus?

Reblooming Iris ‘Autumn Circus’ is a classy Tall Bearded Iris with beautifully ruffled and flared white standards, elegantly veined with blue-violet, a coloration which intensifies gradually toward their edges.

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