What do Johnny and Ponyboy do to their hair?

What do Johnny and Ponyboy do to their hair?

Johnny explains to Ponyboy that it is imperative that they cut their hair, and Ponyboy bleaches his, in order to disguise their identity. Ponyboy states that he has pride in his “tuff-looking” hair and says it is their greaser trademark.

Why did Ponyboy dye his hair but not Johnny?

Why did Ponyboy dye his hair, but not Johnny? Since Johnny is Italian and his coloring is dark, he would look fake with blonde hair and it might give his identity away by bringing attention to himself. How long have Pony and Johnny been in the church?

Does Johnny feel bad for killing Bob?

Ponyboy is smart and sensitive though. He loves books and movies. He is not like the other greasers. Johnny says this because he felt guilty about killing Bob and dragging Pony on the run to hide out in the church.

What does cutting hair symbolize in the outsiders?

The greasers’ long, slick hair is a symbol of their gang, both to themselves and to others. When Ponyboy and Johnny cut and dye their hair while in hiding they’re taking a symbolic step outside the gang. As a result, Ponyboy feels less secure, but also gains a bit of room in which to develop his individuality.

Why was pony upset about getting a haircut?

Why was Pony upset about getting a haircut? “It was my pride. . . . Our hair labeled us Greasers, too — it was our trademark. Maybe we couldn’t have Corvairs or madras shirts, but we could have hair.”

How did Johnny feel about dally?

Johnny views Dally as a hero because he is willing to accept punishment and take the blame for his friends. The well-being of Dally’s friends is his top priority, and Johnny admires Dally’s gallant personality.

Who does Johnny think is Gallant?

Why does Johnny think Dally is gallant? Johhny thinks dally is gallant because he was calm around the cops, and he knew two-bit broke the school windows, but he took the punishment.

What does the SOC David do to Ponyboy?

In the scene where Ponyboy and Johnny run away from home, and a group of Socs jump them at the park, David is the Soc who attempted to drown Ponyboy in the fountain, before running away when Johnny killed Bob (Robert Sheldon).

Is Johnny Cade innocent or guilty?

Johnny Cade is guilty of manslaughter in the death of Bob Sheldon. The accused and main character in the S. E. Hinton novel The Outsiders was sent up the river for four years to Collins Bay Penitentiary Thursday during a mock trial at Gananoque Secondary School (GSS).

Why is Ponyboy’s hair so important to him?

Ponyboy’s hair is so important to him because his hair is his identity. To cut his hair would imply that he no longer belongs in his Greaser group. His hair is, essentially, the perfect “Greaser” hair. Since Pony’s parents died when he was young, his family has been his older brother Darry and the rest of the Greasers.

Why is Ponyboy so reluctant to cut and bleach his hair?

Ponyboy takes pride in his long, silky hair because it is what distinguishes him as a greaser. He tells Johnny he doesn’t want to cut his hair because it took him a long time to grow it just the way he wanted it. He is very proud of his long hair and he doesn’t want to change it in any way.

What were Johnny’s injuries from the fire?

Johnny receives severe third degree burns on much of his body. His back is broken and the doctors inform Darry and Ponyboy that Johnny will most likely be paralyzed if he survives his injuries. While Ponyboy and Dallas soon recover from their injuries, Johnny seems to get worse as the days pass.

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