What does Bilbo find in the cave?

What does Bilbo find in the cave?

Bilbo wakes up and finds himself alone in a cold, dark cave. He finds a small ring on the ground, and puts it in his pocket almost without thinking. Though he doesn’t know it at the time, this is a turning point in his life.

What did Bilbo find once he escaped?

Bilbo discovers that a stream flows under the palace out to the river beyond the cave, and that empty wine barrels are dropped through trapdoors under the palace to float down the river to Lake-town.

What happened in Chapter 5 of Hobbit?

Summary: Chapter 5 When Bilbo regains consciousness, he can see nothing in the darkness. Feeling around on the floor, he happens to come across a ring, which he puts in his pocket. If Gollum’s riddle stumps Bilbo, he will eat Bilbo, but if Bilbo’s stumps Gollum, Gollum will show Bilbo the way out of the mountain.

What mountain did Bilbo find?

Under the Misty Mountains were the former Dwarf realm of Khazad-dûm, and the “Goblin-town” in which Bilbo Baggins stumbled across the One Ring, which had been in the possession of the creature Gollum, who also dwelt there himself on the eastern side.

What does Bilbo find as he crawls blindly along the floor of the tunnel?

What does Bilbo find as he crawls blindly along the floor of the tunnel? Bilbo discovers a tiny cold metal ring that he immediately places in his pocket.

In what hobbit movie does Bilbo find the Ring?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) Bilbo first gets hold of the One Ring in this movie after a game of riddles with the creature Gollum.

What did Bilbo name his sword?

Sting was an Elven short-sword made in Gondolin during the First Age. Bilbo Baggins discovered Sting in the year TA 2941 in a troll-hoard, and used it during the Quest of Erebor.

Who does Bilbo find in his home upon his return?

Terms in this set (8) When Bilbo arrived home, what did he find? A crowd of people at his door; auctioning off all of his things – they thought he was dead.

How did Bilbo find the Ring?

As told in The Hobbit, Bilbo found the Ring while lost in the tunnels near Gollum’s lair. He therefore revised The Hobbit: in the second edition, after losing the Riddle Game to Bilbo, Gollum went to get his “Precious” to help him kill and eat Bilbo, but found the Ring missing.

What does Gollum call Bilbo?

He never addresses Bilbo directly but speaks only to his mysterious “precious,” calling Bilbo “It.” Gollum’s infatuation with his precious also acts as a bit of foreshadowing. “Precious” turns out to be the magic ring that Bilbo had discovered and placed in his pocket.

Did Gandalf know Bilbo had the Ring?

Gandalf knew bilbo had the ring before the party. In the movie he even says, “and what about that old ring of yours.” meaning it has been in bilbos possession for a long time. Gandalf knew of the ring before the party.

How did Bilbo find Gollum?

Bilbo Baggins stumbled upon Gollum’s lair, having found the Ring in the network of goblin tunnels leading down to the lake. At his wits’ end in the dark, Bilbo agreed to a riddle game with Gollum on the chance of being shown the way out of the mountains. In the first edition of The Hobbit, Gollum’s size is not stated.

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