What does it mean to make an attempt?

What does it mean to make an attempt?

: to try We both made an attempt to be friendly despite recent arguments.

How do you use the word attempt?

Attempt sentence example

  1. This would be the only attempt they would make.
  2. I smiled in an attempt to calm her down.
  3. He accepted the food well enough, but made no attempt to feed himself.
  4. She gave up her attempt at relaxing, and abandoned the lawn chair.

What is a sentence for attempt?

Examples of attempt in a Sentence She attempted suicide early in their marriage. Noun She failed her driving test on the first attempt but she succeeded on her second attempt. Her attempt at a home-cooked meal consisted of frozen fish sticks and a can of soup.

What’s a word for trying to do something?

Some common synonyms of try are attempt, endeavor, essay, and strive. While all these words mean “to make an effort to accomplish an end,” try is often close to attempt but may stress effort or experiment made in the hope of testing or proving something.

Is it attempt of or attempt at?

When “attempt” is used as a noun, it is followed by “at”, like your second sentence. However, when it is used as a verb, it is followed by “to”, and then an infinitive or gerund like “to win” or “winning”.

Is Attempt an adjective?

ATTEMPTED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How do you use the first attempt in a sentence?

Sentence examples for my first attempt from inspiring English sources. My first attempt was unsuccessful. It’s my first attempt at poetry. That was my first attempt at graphics.

What is an attempt to start or do something new?

foray. noun. an attempt at doing something new or something that you do not usually do.

What is the noun of attempt?

noun. noun. /əˈtɛmpt/ 1[countable, uncountable] an act of trying to do something, especially something difficult, often with no success I passed my driving test on the first attempt.

What preposition is used with attempt?

In 9% of cases attempt at is used We have attempted at making this exercise easy for you. Maybe I’d misreading this but it doesn’t seem like the BBC ‘ nixed ‘ any attempt at discovering alien life. On one hand it was an extremely successfully attempt at standardisation for its definitions lasted for nearly 600 years.

What is attempt in the story?

The actions in the story are referred to as attempts.

What kind of verb is attempt?

attempt ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌

present tense
he/she/it attempts
present participle attempting
past tense attempted
past participle attempted

Which is the best definition of make an attempt?

Definition of make an attempt : to try We both made an attempt to be friendly despite recent arguments. Learn More About make an attempt Share make an attempt

Are there any synonyms for the word attempt?

Synonyms for make an attempt. attempt. do one’s best. drive for. give a go. give a whirl. go after. go all out.

What’s the difference between an attempt on someone’s life?

…a deliberate attempt to destabilise the defence. …their involvement in a coup attempt in September. An attempt on someone’s life is an attempt to kill them. In British English, if a sportsman or sportswoman makes an attempt on a sporting record, they try to beat it. In American English you say that they make an attempt to break it.

When to use’do’and’make’in English?

Here’s some help. 1: We use ‘make’ when we create or construct something. For example: She made a cake. I’ve made us some coffee. Did you really make those trousers? 2: We use ‘do’ for general activities. In this case, ‘do’ is often used with ‘something’, ‘nothing’, ‘anything’ or ‘everything’:

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