What does Laertes ask of Claudius does Claudius agree?

What does Laertes ask of Claudius does Claudius agree?

Laertes asked why Claudius didn’t take immediate action against Hamlet after he killed Polonius. They will get him to agree to a fencing match with Laertes. Laertes will coat the tip of his sword with poison so that just a scratch on his skin will kill Hamlet.

What does Laertes want when he faces King Claudius?

-He wants to kill him because of his fathers death & take the throne. In Claudius’s first speech, he tells Laertes that Hamlet not only killed Polonuis, but also tried to kill…. Claudius himself.

Why has Laertes asked to speak to the king?

He wants to reclaim the land that his father lost to King Hamlet. He wants to fight the King of Denmark and go to war to get them back. He has gathered men from different areas of Norway to help him.

How does King Claudius act with Laertes?

v. 123). In this scene, Claudius has clearly decided that he can appease Laertes’ wrath and dispense with Hamlet in a single stroke: he hits upon the idea of the duel in order to use Laertes’ rage to ensure Hamlet’s death.

What does Claudius ask of England?

Claudius’s subterfuge in asking the English to execute Hamlet reveals the extent to which he now fears Hamlet: whether Hamlet is sane or mad, he is a danger to Claudius, and Claudius wishes him to die.

What does Laertes ask King Claudius and why does he grant it so easily?

Sc. 2 What does Laertes ask King Claudius and why does he grant it so easily? Claudius gives permission because he says Laertes can ask for anything and he would give it, Polonius gives his permission for his son to leave and Laertes only came to Denmark for Claudius’ coronation anyway.

Why does Claudius send Cornelius and Voltimand to Norway?

The reason that Claudius is sending them to Norway is to ask the King of Norway for his help. Fortinbras is angry at Denmark because the old king Hamlet killed Fortinbras’s father, who was king of Norway. In order to get revenge, Fortinbras is gathering troops and planning to attack Denmark.

Why is Laertes angry with Claudius?

Laertes storms into ther oom very angry at Claudius because he just found it his father died and wanted to know where he was because he thought it was him at first. He had come to avenge his dad’s death. Laertes followers want Laertes to be king.

What does Claudius ask Laertes to do before they meet later?

Claudius agrees that Laertes deserves to be revenged upon Hamlet, and he is disposed to encourage Laertes to kill Hamlet, since Hamlet’s erratic behavior has made him a threat to Claudius’s reign. The devious king begins to think of a way for Laertes to ensure his revenge without creating any appearance of foul play.

What does Claudius ask of England and why does he think England will help him carry out his plan?

In Hamlet, Claudius believes England will help him execute Hamlet because England is indebted to Denmark for unspecified acts. Claudius chooses to kill Hamlet rather than banish him because he views him as a threat and believes he knows about his father’s murder.

What does Laertes ask the king?

Laertes respectfully beseeches his king to give him leave and extend him a favour by allowing him to return to France, where he had been until just before Claudius’ coronation. Laertes declares that he had willingly left France to return to Denmark and attend Claudius’ crowning out of respect for his liege.

Why is Claudius so eager to give Laertes anything he wishes 23 What does he wish for?

Why is Claudius so eager to give Laertes anything he wishes; what does he wish for? Because he is Polonius’ son; Laertes wants to come back.

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