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What does prescription mean in French?

What does prescription mean in French?

[prɪˈskrɪpʃən ] Medicine) ordonnance f.

What is the name of a French chemist?

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier
Antoine Lavoisier, in full Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, (born August 26, 1743, Paris, France—died May 8, 1794, Paris), prominent French chemist and leading figure in the 18th-century chemical revolution who developed an experimentally based theory of the chemical reactivity of oxygen and coauthored the modern system for …

What does the French word chemise mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : death. b : a cessation of existence or activity. c : a loss of position or status.

What do you call a chemist?

Synonyms: pharmacist, apothecary [obsolete], pharmacologist, dispenser More Synonyms of chemist. 2. countable noun. A chemist is someone who works in a chemist’s shop and is qualified to prepare and sell medicines. [British]regional note: in AM, use druggist, pharmacist.

What is injection in French?

literal) injection f ⧫ piqûre f.

What is ordonnance in English?

: disposition of the parts (as of a literary composition) with regard to one another and the whole : arrangement.

Is Louis Pasteur French?

Louis Pasteur, (born December 27, 1822, Dole, France—died September 28, 1895, Saint-Cloud), French chemist and microbiologist who was one of the most important founders of medical microbiology. Pasteur’s contributions to science, technology, and medicine are nearly without precedent.

Who is known as the father of chemistry?

Antoine Lavoisier
Antoine Lavoisier: the Father of Modern Chemistry.

What is the meaning despise?

Full Definition of despise transitive verb. 1 : to look down on with disrespect or aversion despised the weak. 2 : to regard as negligible, worthless, or distasteful despises organized religion.

What is a dimis?

death or decease. a death or decease occasioning the transfer of an estate.

What does chemist mean in British?

1a obsolete : alchemist. b : one trained in chemistry. 2 British : pharmacist.

What is a chemist called in England?

A pharmacy is the place within a chemist’s or drugstore, or within a supermarket or other business, where you can get prescription drugs. Check in the pharmacy section of the drugstore. In Britain, a chemist’s is often referred to as a pharmacy.

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