What happens at the end of The Proposal?

What happens at the end of The Proposal?

They kiss, then go to Gilbertson and inform him they are again engaged, but for real this time. The film ends with Gilbertson asking questions (some of them irrelevant) not only to Andrew and Margaret, but also Grace, Joe, Annie, and Ramone.

What is the plot of The Proposal?

Faced with deportation to her native Canada, high-powered book editor Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) says she’s engaged to marry Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), her hapless assistant. Andrew agrees to the charade, but imposes a few conditions of his own, including flying to Alaska to meet his eccentric family. With a suspicious immigration official always lurking nearby, Margaret and Andrew must stick to their wedding plan despite numerous mishaps.
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What coffee does Margaret drink in The Proposal?

E01) I would expect a high-powered executive such as Margaret to drink Starbucks (an “unsweetened cinnamon soy latte”) and not plain coffee out of a white styrofoam cup. Likewise, I would expect her to use an Apple computer. These products reinforce her character.

Is there going to be a proposal 2 movie?

Sorry, No Sequel to ‘The Proposal’

Will you marry me with cherries on top?

Margaret Tate : Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me? Andrew Paxton : Ok. I don’t appreciate the sarcasm, but I’ll do it.

Did Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds get along?

Yes, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds share a similar self-deprecating charm, dry wit and silly streak. Yes, the pair – who costarred in the 2009 hit romantic comedy The Proposal – have been close friends for a decade.

Are Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds still friends?

Ryan and Sandra have always shined as friends and it is obvious even today. In early 2020, the two reunited to wish their The Proposal co-start and iconic comedienne Betty White a very happy 98th Birthday. A friendship that’s going into its twentieth year still seems to be running on full steam.

What does Andrews dad do in The Proposal?

Craig T. Nelson as Joe Paxton, Andrew’s father who owns the family business that dominates the entire town in Alaska. He wants his son to run the family business when he dies, but Andrew wants to be a writer.

What is the age difference between Andrew and Margaret in the proposal?

And Margaret, a careerist who admits to not having slept with a man in two years, is of course forced to re-examine her priorities. Andrew, it must be admitted, thaws the boss — their 12-year age difference mentioned only in one joke — in an entirely agreeable manner.

What is the proposal tattoo?

She Checked Yes… Much to Brooke’s surprise, on Vinny’s leg was a tattoo of a small drawing with the message “Will you marry me?” and boxes to check for yes and no. Brooke took the gun and (thankfully) tattooed an X in the “Yes” box.

How old is Sandra?

57 years (July 26, 1964)
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What food is Margaret allergic to in the proposal?

Margaret Tate : You know I can’t swim! Andrew Paxton : Hence… the boat. Margaret Tate : What am I allergic to? Andrew Paxton : Pine nuts, and the full spectrum of human emotion.

Where was the movie The proposal filmed at?

Despite most of the film being set in Alaska, it was actually shot in Boston and on Boston’s North Shore. In one of the scenes, you can see the famous Rockport icon, “Motif No. 1,” the little red shack famous for being a subject of many famous painters’ and photographers’ work.

Where was the boat used in the proposal?

The family boat used to transport Margaret and Andrew from the airport is a Wasque 26, built in Marblehead, MA, just a few miles from where the movie was filmed.

Who was first choice to play Margaret in proposal?

Julia Roberts was the first choice to play Margaret but reportedly refused to take a pay cut, so Sandra Bullock took over the role. That was the second movie in the same year in which Roberts was offered a leading role and turned it down, with the role going to Bullock.

Where was the Colden books office in the proposal?

225 Franklin St., Boston, was the real location of The Colden Books office. The entire main office, including Margaret’s and Bob’s offices, were completely rebuilt and replicated at Disney Studios in Burbank, CA for pickups and re-shoots in January 2009. Interesting? The eagle that grabbed the dog was an Australian Wedged-tailed Eagle. Interesting?

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