What is a Sonometer used for?

What is a Sonometer used for?

A sonometer is a diagnostic instrument used to measure the tension, frequency or density of vibrations. They are used in medical settings to test both hearing and bone density.

What is Sonometer and how it works?

A sonometer consists of a hollow rectangular wooden box to which a uniform wire is attached at one end. The frequency of vibration of the wire can be varied by either changing the positions of the knife edges by changing the vibrating length or by placing different weights in the pan by changing the tension.

What is Sonometer explain?

A sonometer is defined as. The device that is used for demonstrating the relationship between the frequency of the sound that is produced by the string when it is plucked and the tension, length, and mass per unit length of the string.

How long is a Sonometer?

What is a Sonometer? Sonometer consists of a hollow rectangular wooden box of more than one meter length, with a hook at one end and a pulley at the other end.

What is Sonometer experiment?

Aim. In this experiment you will study the vibrational modes of a stretched string. The dependence of the fundamental frequency on length and tension is determined. In addition resonance effects and the nature of harmonic modes are investigated.

Who invented the Sonometer?

The sonomètre is a tuning device invented circa 1694 by Étienne Loulié to facilitate the tuning of stringed instruments. Sébastien de Brossard considered this device to be, “one of the finest inventions,” of the seventeenth century.

Why do Sonometers have two holes?

The holes in the sonometer box provides a way so that vibrations from the tuning fork (which is excited near the sonometer) is transferred to the inside of the sonometer box. Hence holes are provided to the sonometer box to communicate the frequency of vibration of the string to the inside hollow portion of the box …

What is a Sonometer box?

Sonometer. A sonometer is an apparatus made of a hollow box having two holes. A string is attached to it by which the transverse vibrations of strings can be studied. It is also called the monochord because it often has only one string.

How do you do a Sonometer experiment?

Real Lab Procedure

  1. Place the sonometer on the table.
  2. Make sure that the pulley is frictionless.
  3. Stretch the wire by placing a suitable maximum load on the weight hanger.
  4. Move the wooden bridges outward, so that the length of wire between the bridges is maximum.
  5. Take a tuning fork of known frequency.

Why is Sonometer called so?

Answer: Sonometre is made from two words Sono + metre. Sono means sound. Thus sonometre is an device used to measure frequency of sound wave.

How does A sonometer work on a string?

Sonometer is basically used to study the relationship between frequency, tension, linear mass density and length of a stretched string. where, f: frequency; T: tension in the string; m: linear mass density of the string; l: resonating length of the string. It works on the principle of standing waves.

Which is smaller a centimeter or A sonometer?

One poor kid I went to school with was convinced that a sonometer was a different unit of measurement– slightly smaller than a centimeter. The one that really grinds my gears is hearing groin pronounced like GROW-in. Back when I was in undergrad taking OB/GYN our professor pronounced it that way when talking about dilation.

What kind of wire is used in A sonometer?

This phenomenon is known as resonance. A sonometer consists of a rectangular hollow wooden box called resonance box. One end of a thin metallic wire is fixed rigidly to a peg C at one end of the box. The wire passes over two bridges A and B and finally over a smooth frictionless pulley P at the other end of the box.

What are principles are involved in sonometer experiment?

Basically a sonometer is a device based on the principle of Resonance. It is used to verify the laws of vibration of stretched string and also to determine the frequency of a tuning fork. “When the frequency of the applied force is equal to the natural frequency of the body, the body vibrates with very large amplitude.

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