What is the meaning of phrase break in?

What is the meaning of phrase break in?

1 : to enter something (such as a building or computer system) without consent or by force. 2a : intrude break in upon his privacy. b : to interrupt a conversation. 3 : to start in an activity or enterprise breaking in as a cub reporter. transitive verb.

What does the phrase breaking point mean?

1 : the point at which a person gives way under stress. 2 : the point at which a situation becomes critical. 3 : the point at which something loses force or validity stretch the rules to the breaking point.

What does break it or make it mean?

1. adjective Of, leading to, or causing an outcome that will either be a total success or a total failure. Often hyphenated when used before a noun. The decision to merge the two companies will likely prove a make-it-or-break-it move for both.

What is it called when something is made to break?

By the late 1950s, planned obsolescence had become a commonly used term for products designed to break easily or to quickly go out of style. In fact, the concept was so widely recognized that in 1959 Volkswagen mocked it in an advertising campaign.

Is it break in or break in?

Answer: I would hyphenate break-ins because it is a noun, but not hyphenate ‘break in a new pair of shoes’ because break in is a phrasal verb in this sentence.

What is the sentence of break in?

The break-in had occurred just before midnight. There’s been a break-in. We had a break-in while we were away for the weekend.

What is the breaking point of a human being?

In human psychology, the breaking point is a moment of stress in which a person breaks down or a situation becomes critical. The intensity of environmental stress necessary to bring this about varies from individual to individual.

What happens when someone reaches their breaking point?

A breaking point is a moment when there’s so much stress or pressure that mental or physical strength just can’t hold up. A harried substitute teacher who reaches the breaking point might refuse to teach French ever again. Most of us can maintain our composure under extremely difficult circumstances.

Will there be a make it or break it movie?

Although there’s no plans for a reboot in the near future, the show’s creator Holly Sorensen did talk with MTV. in March 2016, and spilled some major tea on the possibility of a Make It or Break It movie.

What is the meaning break it down?

1. To explain something in steps. I know it can be confusing, but once I break it down for you, I think you’ll start to get it.

Whats another way of saying the make or break?

What is another word for make-or-break?

do-or-die all-or-nothing
now-or-never desperate
win-or-bust critical
death-or-glory win-or-lose
life-and-death uncompromising

What is the best synonym for break?

Synonyms & Antonyms of break

  • break up,
  • bust,
  • disintegrate,
  • dismember,
  • disrupt,
  • fracture,
  • fragment,
  • rive.

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