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What were the results of the Opium Wars?

What were the results of the Opium Wars?

The Opium Wars were a series of skirmishes between China and several Western nations, most notably England. These wars are sometimes also referred to collectively as the Anglo -Chinese War. The end result of the Opium Wars was the forcible opening of China to trade, and the lasting humiliation of the Chinese government and Chinese people.

What did the Opium Wars cause?

The Opium Wars arose from China’s attempts to suppress the opium trade. British traders had been illegally exporting opium to China, and the resulting widespread addiction was causing serious social and economic disruption in the country. In 1839 the Chinese government confiscated all opium warehoused at Canton by British merchants.

What happened during the Second Opium War?

The second Opium War was the result of the desire of Great Britain and France to win additional commercial privileges in China, including the legalization of the opium trade, as well as to gain more legal and territorial concessions in China.

What is the Second Opium War?

Second Opium War. The Second Opium War (Chinese: 第二次鴉片戰爭; pinyin: Dì’èrcì Yāpiàn Zhànzhēng), also known as the Second Anglo-Chinese War, the Second China War, the Arrow War, or the Anglo-French expedition to China, was a war pitting the United Kingdom and the French Empire against the Qing dynasty of China, lasting from 1856 to 1860.

Why was the Opium War significant?

The Opium War was important to the British because. they wanted to continue selling Opium to the Chinese for silver. it was a step towards taking over the Chinese coast.

Who was involved in the Opium War?

The first Opium War (1839–42) was fought between China and Britain, and the second Opium War (1856–60), also known as the Arrow War or the Anglo-French War in China, was fought by Britain and France against China.

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