Where can I customize my car in GTA San Andreas?

Where can I customize my car in GTA San Andreas?

TransFender Body Swap Shop TransFender is an automobile modification shop in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which allows the player to modify various road vehicles in the game.

Where is the car showroom in GTA San Andreas?

Downtown San Fierro
In GTA San Andreas, the showroom is located in Downtown San Fierro, San Andreas. It is just up the street from Carl Johnson’s Doherty Garage.

How can I add new cars in GTA San Andreas?

Once you have a car mod or two downloaded, launch SAMI to add them to San Andreas. You can find a shortcut for SAMI on your desktop. Click “Install a Mod.” This will open a new screen….Download the car you want to add to GTA SA.


Where can I find the fastest car in GTA San Andreas?

Downtown Los Santos is the fastest car in GTA San Andreas location where you can always find this car. Besides, it’s also spawned in Paradiso, Richman, Rodeo, and many places in San Fierro. The max speed of this 2-door supercar is 240 km/h.

Where can I find a Phoenix car in GTA San Andreas?

How do I get good cars in GTA San Andreas? You should get position 1 in 8-track, demolition derby and many other competitions, then the special cars will be in front of the stadium.

Which is the best car in GTA San Andreas?

10 Fastest Cars In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Ranked

  • 8 Comet.
  • 7 Banshee.
  • 6 Hotring Racer.
  • 5 SuperGT.
  • 4 Bullet.
  • 3 Cheetah.
  • 2 Turismo.
  • 1 Infernus.

How do you activate the cheat menu in GTA San Andreas?

PC cheats for GTA San Andreas are entered by simply typing the right word on the keyboard at any time. You don’t need to bring up a console command mode or a dialog box, simply type the letters as they appear below, in lower case or upper case, and the cheat should activate.

What are the cheats in GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas List of Cheat Codes for PC and Laptop

  • BAGUVIX – Infinite Health.
  • FULLCLIP – Infinite Ammo.
  • CVWKXAM – Infinite Oxygen.
  • BLUESUEDESHOES – Elvis has entered the building.
  • YSOHNUL – Fast Clock.
  • SPEEDITUP – Faster gameplay.
  • SLOWITDOWN – Slower gameplay.

Where can I find a cheetah in GTA San Andreas?

The Cheetah is a Sports Car featured in GTA San Andreas….Map Locations (Spawn Areas) Here is where to find the Cheetah in GTA San Andreas:

  • Rodeo and Market, Los Santos.
  • Paradiso in San Fierro.
  • The Strip and Old Venturas Strip in Las Venturas.
  • Race Tournaments.
  • Exports and Imports.

Can you buy the Imponte Phoenix?

The Phoenix can only be found and stolen on the street (see the spawn locations in the “Appearances” section below). It cannot be otherwise purchased. The Phoenix can be stored in the Garage (Personal Vehicle). It can be customized at Los Santos Customs.

What car spawns the Phoenix in GTA 5?

The Imponte Phoenix is a 2-door muscle car that appears in GTA 5 based on the Pontiac FireBird. The Imponte Phoenix is one of the muscle cars that can be highly benefited by the performance customizations, as its acceleration can be topped with the right modifications.

What is the fastest 4 door car in GTA SA?

3 Best: Sultan It may be small but don’t let its size fool you, for it is mighty and the fastest 4-door in the game.

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