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Where does Phyllis Reynolds Naylor live now?

Where does Phyllis Reynolds Naylor live now?

She lives with her husband (and first draft reader) Rex, in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Where did Phyllis Reynolds Naylor go to school?

American University
Joliet Central High SchoolJoliet junior college
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Where was Phyllis Naylor born?

Anderson, Indiana, United States
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How old is Phyllis Reynolds Naylor now?

88 years (4 January 1933)
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What was Phyllis Reynolds Naylor first book?

The Galloping Goat and Other Stories
Within two years, Naylor’s first book, The Galloping Goat and Other Stories (1965), nine short stories about children in other lands, was published. Since then, she has written over one hundred books and won numerous awards.

When was Phyllis Naylor born?

4 January 1933 (age 88 years)
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How many siblings does Phyllis Reynolds Naylor have?

John Reynolds
Norma Reynolds
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Who is Phyllis Reynolds Naylor married to?

Rex Naylorm. 1960–2012
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Why did Phyllis Reynolds wrote Shiloh?

Shiloh is a Newbery Medal-winning children’s novel by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor published in 1991. Naylor decided to write Shiloh after an emotionally taxing experience in West Virginia where she encountered an abused dog. Narrator and protagonist Marty Preston lives in the hills of Friendly, West Virginia.

What are Phyllis Reynolds Naylor interests?

Today, Naylor lives in Bethesda, Maryland with her husband, Rex. They have two grown sons, Jeffrey Alan and Michael Scott. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys going to the theater, reading, singing, playing the piano, hiking, swimming, and snorkeling.

Is Shiloh based on a true story?

To answer questions about Shiloh Season, please sign up. MacKenzie Smith Yes it is! At least half of it. It is based on a true story.

How much did Judd pay for Shiloh?

38-9). 4. Judd is always complaining about how much Shiloh disobeys him, so why does he care so much about getting Shiloh back? Travers is possessive and controlling, and since he paid money ($35) for Shiloh, he is determined to get his dog back.

Where was Phyllis Reynolds Naylor born and raised?

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor was born in the U.S.A. She grew up during the Great Depression with her older sister Norma and younger brother John. She has said that she never felt poor, as her parents had a book collection and read stories aloud to her and her siblings until adolescence.

What kind of books does Phyllis Reynolds Naylor write?

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (born January 4, 1933) is an American writer best known for children’s and young adult fiction. Naylor is best known for her children’s-novel quartet Shiloh (a 1992 Newbery Medal winner) and for her “Alice” book series, one of the most frequently challenged books of the last decade.

How many children did Rex Naylor and Phyllis Naylor have?

Naylor was married to Rex Naylor for 52 years until his death in 2012. They have two sons, Jeffrey and Michael, and four grandchildren: Sophia (who is herself a writer, comedian, and playwright), Tressa, Garrett and Beckett. So far, she has written over 130 books, and about 2000 articles.

When did Phyllis Reynolds Naylor divorce her first husband?

Naylor eventually obtained a divorce from her first husband and, in 1960, married Rex V. Naylor, a speech pathologist. Naylor returned to college to major in clinical psychology. She attended American University and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1963.

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