Which area is rich in biodiversity?

Which area is rich in biodiversity?

Brazil. It is the country with the greatest biodiversity of flora and fauna on the planet. Brazil has the highest number of species of known mammals and freshwater fish, and more than 50,000 species of trees and bushes, it takes first place in plant diversity.

What is rich biodiversity?

The rich biodiversity in the forest around the plant has become a niche for a wide variety of rare bird species. The wetland provides a variety of habitats for flora and faunal species and as such, supports a rich biodiversity.

Which areas are not rich in biodiversity?

A biodiversity hotspot is a biogeographic region that is both extremely biologically diverse and is threatened with the destruction and extinction of various species.

  • Deserts and lakes suffering from eutrophication have the lowest biodiversity.
  • Is very rich in bio diversity?

    Biodiversity is a measure of variation at the genetic, species, and ecosystem level. Terrestrial biodiversity is usually greater near the equator, which is the result of the warm climate and high primary productivity. Biodiversity is not distributed evenly on Earth, and is richer in the tropics.

    What places most likely have low biodiversity?

    The arctic regions of the world have the least biodiversity because plants don’t survive in the extreme cold and ice that cover these regions year-round. However, life does exist in the arctic regions, mostly affiliated with the seas that surround them.

    Why is the Philippines rich in biodiversity?

    The Philippines is one of the 17 mega biodiverse countries, containing two-thirds of the Earth’s biodiversity and 70 percent of world’s plants and animal species due to its geographical isolation, diverse habitats and high rates of endemism.

    Which one is the richest area of biodiversity * 1 point?

    The largely tropical Amazonian rain forest in South America has the greatest biodiversity on earth.

    Which areas have high biodiversity?

    High-Biodiversity Wilderness Area

    • Amazon Basin, Brazil.
    • Congo Basin, The Democratic Republic of Congo.
    • New Guinea, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
    • North American Deserts, Southwest United States and Mexico.
    • Miombo-Mopane Woodlands and Savannas, Zambia.

    What places most likely have high biodiversity?

    Specific places with high overall diversity or high levels of endemism — arrays of species found nowhere else — are often called hotspots and include parts of the southwestern United States and Mexico, Brazil, California, and South Africa, as well as Hawaii, Madagascar, New Zealand, and other islands across the world.

    What places in the Philippines are well known for its high biodiversity?

    Philippines is also located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, which is the world’s center of marine biodiversity. This makes the Philippines the center of the center of the marine biodiversity. This particular place is the Verde island passage that sits between Batangas and Mindoro.

    What place in the Philippines that has rich biodiversity?

    As a result, Palawan not only showcases many of the flora and fauna associated with the rest of the Philippines, but also has many birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, trees and plants found on the island of Borneo.

    Which is the most biodiversity rich area in India?

    Detailed Solution. The Correct Answer is Western Ghats.

    Where are the most biodiversity areas in the world?

    Some areas in the world, such as areas of Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, the southwestern United States, and Madagascar, have more biodiversity than others. Areas with extremely high levels of biodiversity are called hotspots. Endemic species—species that are only found in one particular location—are also found in hotspots.

    Which is an example of the richness of biodiversity?

    Biodiversity is the richness of life in all of its forms, from genes to ecosystems. Biodiversity is not distributed equally over the globe; several factors combine to create so-called hotspots. For example, the Tropical Andes in South America has many more species of plants, mammals, or birds than almost anywhere else on the planet.

    Why is Texas the most biodiversity rich state?

    Like in California, the species richness in Texas comes from the state’s sheer size and the variety of ecosystems present. In a single state, one can encounter ecological elements from the Great Plains, the southwestern deserts, the rainy Gulf Coast, and the Mexican subtropics along the Rio Grande.

    Where are the biodiversity hotspots in India?

    India hosts 4 biodiversity hotspots: the Himalayas, the Western Ghats, the Indo-Burma region and the Sundaland (Includes Nicobar group of Islands). These hotspots have numerous endemic species. What are examples of hotspots?

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