Which country has the highest number of cooperatives?

Which country has the highest number of cooperatives?

Brazil Wins Title Of Most Cooperatives in the World Mayo believes it is “fitting” that Brazil ranks as the most cooperative nation on Earth. “The country has two and a half times as many member-owners of co-ops than it does shareholders in listed firms,” he said.

Which is the largest cooperative society in the world?

The world’s biggest 300 co-operatives

Rank Name Revenue ($bn)
1 CrŽdit Agricole Group 103.58
2 Groupe Caisse D’Epargne 58.54
3 Zen-Noh (National Federation of Agricultural Co-operatives) 56.99
4 ConfŽdŽration Nationale du CrŽdit Mutuel 56.69

Which is the largest co operative society in India?

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO)
Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO) It is headquartered in New Delhi. IFFCO is the biggest cooperative in the world by turnover on GDP per capita.

How many coops are there in the world?

2.6 Million Cooperatives have over 1 Billion memberships and clients. With data from 145 countries in all regionals of the world, this database is the most comprehensive data set on cooperatives.

How many cooperative are there in India?

44.2 Cooperatives in India function in different sectors, face diverse problems. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Cooperatives is a State subject under the Constitution of India and State cooperative laws and their implementation have vastly differed.

How many cooperatives are there in Germany?

Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen is regarded as the founder of the cooperative movement. His conviction was that many people working together can manage what one person cannot manage alone. Today, Germany’s 7,500 cooperative enterprises have more than 20 million members.

Which is the fastest growing society in India?

Tirumalla Tirupati Multistate Co-operative Credit Society Limited is a Multi State Co-Operative Society registered under Multi State Co-Operative Society Act 2002. The primary objective of the society is to uplift the social and financial status of its members by promoting/educating saving habits amongst them.

Who was the owner of Amul?

Tribhuvandas Patel
‘Amul (The Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union) is an Indian dairy cooperative society, based at Anand in the Indian state of Gujarat….Amul.

Type Cooperative society
Founder Tribhuvandas Patel
Headquarters Anand, Gujarat, India
Area served Worldwide
Key people Rupinder Singh Sodhi (MD)

Who is cooperative expert India?

Sir Frederic Nicholson was hailed as the pioneer of the cooperative movement in India, he noted.

What countries have co-op?

Spain, Finland, Argentina, Iceland, France and Great Britain make up the top 10. Ed Mayo believes it is “fitting” that Brazil ranks as the most co-operative nation on Earth. “The country has two and a half times as many member owners of co-ops than it does shareholders in listed firms,” he says.

Is the co-op only in the UK?

Other societies use their own branding. In 2016, the Co-operative Food accounted for approximately 6.6% of the UK groceries market….Work with Amazon.

Co-operative Society Number of Outlets Incarnation of The Co-operative brand
East of England Co-operative Society 132 own version

Which is the first cooperative society in India?

Agricultural Credit Cooperative Society, of Kanaginahal village of Gadag District in Karnataka was the first cooperative Society formed under First Cooperative law of India.

Which is the largest co-operative in the world?

According to the World Co-operative Monitor, which tracks the 300 largest co-operatives in the world, the largest co-operative by turnover is Zenkyoren in Japan, which is an mutual insurance company for agricultural co-operatives.

Which is the largest co-operative Bank in India?

Aavin Aavin(Tamil:ஆவின்) is the trademark of the Tamil Nadu Co-operative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited, Adarsh Co-operative Bank. Amul considered one of the largest co-operatives of India today. Anyonya Co-operative Bank Limited. Horticultural Producers’ Cooperative Marketing and Processing Society.

Which is the largest retail cooperative in Japan?

Co-op Kobe ( Japanese: コープこうべ ), officially known as Consumer Co-operative Kobe, is a Kobe, Japan -based consumers’ cooperative. It is the largest retail cooperative in Japan and, with over 1.2 million members, is one of the largest cooperatives in the world.

Which is the largest cooperative in the Philippines?

First Community Cooperative (FICCO) – a cooperative from Cagayan de Oro City is one of the biggest cooperative in the Philippines with a total resources of 14,474,633,015 pesos and a total membership of 375,648 as of December 31, 2019. It has 56 branches located in various places in Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon.

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