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Who owns the GED test?

Who owns the GED test?

the American Council on Education
GED Testing Service is a joint venture of the American Council on Education, which started the GED® program in 1942, and leading education company Pearson.

Is the GED a national test?

The GED is a national test. This means you take the same version of the test regardless of which state you live in. Each state may impose their own eligibility requirements, but the test they offer remains consistent between states.

What is the GED test equivalent to?

high school equivalency diploma
Is the GED Equal to a High School Diploma? The GED is a high school equivalency diploma, so you can use it to apply to college or for a job resume, just like you would with a high school diploma.

Is GED Testing Service accredited?

The GED credential is one of three nationally accredited high school equivalency certificates available today. The others are TASC and HiSET credentials. They are all accepted by 98% of universities and colleges and virtually all employers.

Is a GED equivalent to a grade 12?

Getting your GED®credential is the equivalent of having a *Grade 12 certificate. Having your GED® will allow you to be able to do the same things as someone who graduated at grade 12. All the work is online and you study from home on internet. You are able to study further just like anyone else .

Does the GED still exist?

Until 2014, the GED was the standard high school equivalency exam. Since then, however, alternate options have been introduced, such as the HiSET and TASC, giving students the opportunity to choose the test that best showcases their knowledge and uses their skills.

Can undocumented immigrants take GED?

Non-citizens, including refugees, legal and illegal immigrants, residents and non-resident aliens, and other foreign nationals, are eligible to take the GED Test if they meet all of the requirements for identification and eligibility established by the GED Testing Service and the jurisdiction, including age …

Is GED State specific?

GED State Requirements Each state has its own GED eligibility requirements. For example, some states may require a test-taker to be at least 18 years old before sitting for the GED exam. However, now you can take the exam online (if your state allows it).

What is the grade level equivalent of the GED?

It was based on a test that a majority of students were able to pass at the beginning of high school, not the end. Research suggests the current version of the GED tests knowledge at about a ninth- or 10th-grade level.

Is GED Testing Services legit?

The GED Testing Service, a venture between the American Council on Education and Pearson, is the only nationally recognized facilitator for the national GED test. No other institution currently legally administers the GED tests.

Does Harvard accept GED?

The answer to the question of whether Harvard accepts GED graduates is simply YES. Harvard accepts GED graduates. The fact of the matter is that Harvard does not require any high school or GED diploma for admittance.

Is GED harder than high school diploma?

Although the GED test represents less of a time commitment than a high school diploma, it’s not academically easier. The test is graded on an equivalency scale compared to current high school students. To pass, test takers must perform on a level comparable to or above 60% of high school seniors.

Where can I schedule a GED test for free?

You can find out more about the tests, register for a free account, and schedule your tests at GED ® and GED Testing Service ® are registered trademarks of the American Council on Education (ACE). They may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of ACE or GED Testing Service ®.

Can you get a GED at the Federal Bureau of Prisons?

The Federal Bureau of Prisons GED ® Program has partnered with GED Testing Service for fulfillment of requests for GED ® transcripts and diplomas. After passing the GED ® test, you will automatically receive one free electronic diploma, one free electronic transcript.

Where can I get financial assistance for a GED?

Income eligible households can receive financial assistance with GED courses at Indian River State College and testing. What are the eligibility requirements? Applicants must currently reside in St. Lucie County and the household income may not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Where can I take the GED test in North Dakota?

The test is available in both English and Spanish and taken by computer. Instruction towards the GED® is free and available at the Adult Learning Centers across North Dakota and several additional GED® test sites. Instruction also includes keyboarding and computer literacy which will also be helpful as you prepare for careers and college.

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