Who were the actors in The Wind in the Willows?

Who were the actors in The Wind in the Willows?

The series stars David Jason as Toad and the Chief Weasel, the late Michael Hordern as Badger, the late Peter Sallis as Rat (replacing Ian Carmichael who voiced Rat in the original 1983 film, though Carmichael remained in the series, having been re-cast as the narrator), and the late Richard Pearson as Mole.

Who was the voice of Mole in Wind in the Willows?

Richard Pearson is the voice of Mole in The Wind in the Willows.

Who played Toad in Wind in the Willows?

David Jason

Mr. Toad
First appearance The Wind in the Willows
Created by Kenneth Grahame
Portrayed by Peter Harryson (stage adaptation)
Voiced by Eric Blore (1949 film) David Jason (1983 film, 1984 TV series) Charles Nelson Reilly (1987 film) Rik Mayall (1995 film, 1996 sequel)

Which character is described as good natured and in fact the best of all the animals?

“He is indeed the best of animals,” replied Rat. “So simple, so good-natured, and so affectionate.

Who played Mr Toad?

Eric BloreThe Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
David JasonThe Wind in the WillowsRik MayallThe Willows In WinterCharles Nelson ReillyThe Wind in the Willows
Mr. Toad/Voiced by

Who played Mr Toad in 2007 movie?

Matt Lucas
New Year’s Day 2007, 6.20pm, BBC One Shy Mole (Lee Ingleby) leaves his hole one spring and is entranced by the world he discovers along the riverbank. He makes friends with the water-loving Rat, and soon encounters Mr Toad (Matt Lucas), an enthusiastic and mischievous lover of all new things, especially fast cars.

Who is the main character in Wind in the Willows?

Mr. Toad
BadgerRattyMoleThe Narrator
The Wind in the Willows/Characters

What is Mr Toad’s first name?

Mr. James Thaddeus Toad
Mr. James Thaddeus Toad is the main protagonist of The Wind in the Willows, which made up a segment of Disney’s 1949 animated feature The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. In that film, he is only 8 inches tall, while in most of his later appearances, he is much larger.

Is there a hedgehog in Wind in the Willows?

two young hedgehogs These two young animals stay with Badger after the snowstorm interrupts their trip to school in Chapter 4. While there, they eat a breakfast and visit with Rat and Mole before leaving with some money Badger gives them.

Who was Mr clerk?

Mr. Clerk was a member of the court of law. He thought that Mr. Toad had commited three very serious crimes – Stealing a motor car, driving dangerously and cheeking the police.

Who played Mr. Toad in 2007 movie?

Are there any female characters in Wind in the Willows?

The Wind in the Willows is an acclaimed children’s book by Kenneth Grahame, published in 1908. The most important female role in the book is not even a female character, but a disguise that several characters use to get in and out of sticky situations.

Who are the voice actors in the Wind in the Willows?

The series continued from where the film left off, and original voice cast members David Jason, Richard Pearson and Michael Hordern returned. However, Ian Carmichael who had previously voiced Rat in the film, was now cast as the narrator, and Rat’s voice was replaced by Peter Sallis .

When did the Wind in the Willows come out?

The Wind in the Willows is a British stop motion animated television series that was originally broadcast between 1984 and 1987, based on characters from Kenneth Grahame ‘s classic 1908 novel The Wind in the Willows and following the 1983 feature-length pilot film.

Who was mole in the Wind in the Willows?

(Error Code: 102630) Based on the characters created by Kenneth Grahame, this award winning animated series follows the adventures of Mole (Richard Pearson) as he leaves home to discover the world. Mole finds fr…

Who is toad in the Wind in the Willows?

Toad ( David Jason) – The wealthy owner of Toad Hall, the finest home in the county. Arrogant, selfish, and ignorant, he is nonetheless charismatic, good-humoured, and cares for his friends dearly. He always throws himself into all kinds of new crazes, without much consideration.

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