Why does Kit end her relationship with William?

Why does Kit end her relationship with William?

He can not understand that Kit was honoring her own integrity by refusing to turn away from a friend, and from a good woman, just because it violates society’s rules. Kit is certain that they two will never have enough in common to be happy together, and so ends the relationship.

What is William’s reaction to kit when he first sees her?

What is William’s reaction to Kit when he first sees her? He is smitten. He thinks she is beautiful.

How does William feel about Kit in The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

When William first sees Kit at Meeting, he is impressed and entranced by Kit. Kit is different from any of the girls in Wethersfield, and he is especially impressed by her manner of dress, as she is dressed in beautiful, opulent, and colorful clothes, unlike any of the modestly dressed…

Does kit want to marry William?

Kit considers marrying William so she can fit in, because he is rich. William Ashby was originally interested in Judith, Kit’s cousin. However, when Kit comes to town he seems to become interested in her instead. For Kit, he is certainly the practical choice.

How old is William Ashby?

Ashby, a fighter for civil rights for more than nine decades and New Jersey’s first black social worker, died on Friday at the Brookhaven Nursing Home in East Orange, N.J. He was 101 years old.

What had Kit decided about William Ashby?

Kit seriously considers marrying William in order to escape the hard labor of her uncle’s household, but inevitably decides she could not be happy with someone who does not share her core values. William does not come to Kit’s aid during her trial, nor does he approve of her friendship with Hannah Tupper.

What were William and Kit arguing about?

Lesson Summary William gets into an argument with Uncle Matthew about the King. When William finally leaves, Kit is relieved. She doesn’t think he will be back, but her family explains that since William mentioned building a house, it meant that he wanted to have a family with Kit.

What did Kit realize during William’s visit and what did she tell him?

Kit, remembering, at first feels “a small pleasurable stir of curiosity”, but then realizes that Judith had expressed an interest in William as a beau for herself. In dismay, Kit exclaims that she doesn’t want William to come courting her; she doesn’t even know him, and she doesn’t want to take him away from Judith.

How does Kit feel about William courting her?

Expert Answers When Kit meets William Ashby, she is surprised that he does not regard her with the suspicion everyone else does. Instead, he seems pleasingly intrigued by her, and she smiles at him, making him speechless.

What kind of a person is William Ashby?

William Ashby is one of the richest and most eligible bachelors in Wethersfield. As Judith proclaims, “Who hasn’t heard that his father has three acres of the best land set aside, and the trees all marked to build the house the moment Master William makes up his mind?” (6.50).

How does William Ashby feel about King James?

He is frustrated and angered by the idea that a king can just strip that away on a whim. Ashby is a character that begins the story supporting the king, but he somewhat quickly moves to supporting the colony and the people that he interacts with. This is why he steals the charter.

How does kit change in The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

Kit grows up significantly throughout the book, learning to survive in a different culture. Kit Tyler goes from being a sheltered rich girl to a generally successful Puritan over the course of the book. The culture she grew up in is completely different from the one she finds herself in when she is in Wethersfield.

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