Why is Crito trying to convince Socrates to flee Athens?

Why is Crito trying to convince Socrates to flee Athens?

Crito has bribed the guards and is encouraging Socrates to escape. SOcrates uses moral reasoning and the socratic method to convince crito that socrates would be violating his moral principles if he escaped. So even though socrates believes he is innocent, he reasons that he must remain in prison.

What does Crito wants Socrates to do in the jail cell?

The dialogue takes place in Socrates’ prison cell, where he awaits execution. He is visited before dawn by his old friend Crito, who has made arrangements to smuggle Socrates out of prison to the safety of exile. If it is just, he will go with Crito, if it is unjust, he must remain in prison and face death.

What is the first argument that Crito makes for Socrates breaking out?

Crito presents many reasons to Socrates for why Socrates should escape. The first two are fairly weak. The third, concerning Socrates’ responsibility to his children is the strongest. Crito’s first argument is that if Socrates does not escape, then Socrates will then in turn be hurting Crito in two ways.

What argument does Crito give to try to convince Socrates to escape his punishment How does Socrates respond?

One of Crito’s strongest arguments in favor of escape comes at 45c, where Crito suggests that Socrates would be abetting the wrong-doing of his enemies in following through with their wishes. Socrates’ reply to this argument is that he would in fact be harming the Laws, which are just.

Who is Crito and what is his relationship to Socrates?

Crito is a long-time follower of Socrates, and is deeply distraught at the prospect of Socrates’ impending execution. Crito, and some of Socrates’ other friends, have pooled together their resources to arrange an escape for their friend and mentor. Crito is willing to make almost any sacrifice to save Socrates’ life.

What is Crito trying to get Socrates to do and what are the main arguments Crito uses?

In a dialogue with Crito, Socrates considers the proposal, trying to establish whether an act like that would be just and morally justified. Eventually, he came to argue that by rejecting his sentence and by trying to escape from prison he would commit unjust and morally unjustified acts.

What is crito trying to get Socrates to do and what are the main arguments crito uses?

Who is crito and what is his relationship to Socrates?

How does Crito get in to see Socrates?

Crito expresses concern at Socrates’ relaxed attitude to his upcoming execution. Socrates responds that he is almost 70 years old and that to be scared of death would be inappropriate. Crito has come to see Socrates because he has learned his execution will take place the next day, and wishes to rescue his friend.

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